Preschool & Pre-K Program Overview
(Children ages 33 months and up)

In our preschool and pre-K environment all of the materials are neatly kept on shelves. Everything in the classroom has a place. Once the child is finished with a material he/she puts the material back on the shelf where it belongs. The teacher works with the children individually and in groups.

Our preschool areas are prepared environments that promote individual work, and are designed to meet your child's needs (social, physical, emotional, and intellectual). These arrangements will guide your child towards independence and self-care while building social skills, grace, and courtesy. Activities are designed to promote self-interest and planned to provide a balance of activities in the following areas:
Practical Life (zippers/buttons, cooking, tying shoelaces, etc.), Language (books, writing, matching objects to pictures), Science (surrounding nature, science experiments, etc.), Art (painting, coloring, crafts, play-dough, etc.), Math (counting, sorting), Sensorial (sizes, weights, colors, textures), Manipulative (stringing, lacing), puzzles and blocks, large muscle (balance beam, trampoline, ‘stepping stones’, etc.) and then of course there's taking care of the self (toileting, washing hands, dressing).

A Pre-K child needs freedom to choose his/her own work, and the freedom to repeat the activity. Interest is the key to learning! Each child has his/her own interests, and the teacher must observe each child so when the teacher gives a presentation (shows how to use the material), she can use each child's interest to draw them into an activity. The preschool teacher is always introducing the children to new material and encouraging them to learn new things.