Google Founders talk Montessori

In an interview with Barbara Walters, ABC news, Google’s Founders spoke about Montessori education: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google owners, met at Stanford. Both men credit their success to their experiences in Montessori school: doing things a little bit different, being self-motivated, as well as questioning what is going on in the world.

Parents share their experience with Amazing Beginnings Preschool

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Where to begin? I transferred my kids here from another facility that was nice but very large. Due to the number of children there we were experiencing some disruptive behaviors and since the move those have all but disappeared. My kids do not cry at drop off every day anymore and they love going to school. I enjoy the soccer shots program they offer and everyone has been very personable. I am so glad we switched.
Dena G.

My son is in the infant room and it gives me peace of mind to know how well the staff care for him. They are warm and friendly and do a good job of communicating with parents. I love the activities and projects they do with the infants, which isn't easy considering how young they are.
Jennifer R.

My children love Amazing Beginnings. The staff is wonderful and caring. My daughter loves her teacher and talks about her all the time at home. I would definitely recommend Amazing Beginnings Montessori.
Jen L.

This place has created a very welcoming and "homey" feeling, as soon as I toured I knew I'd fall in love. The staff shows a very calm, caring, loving attitude and feel, not only relieved but genuinely happy when leaving my children there everyday! Thank all of you for all that you do!
Denstiney S.

We have had the pleasure of using Amazing Beginnings Montessori Child Care & Preschool as our primary childcare provider for our daughters. In the time we’ve been associated with Amazing Beginnings, they have proven to be extremely competent; providing a very loving and caring atmosphere for our children and the other children they care for.

Amazing Beginnings provides us with verbal and written summaries of our youngest daughter’s daily activities, including her eating habits, how well she ate, nap times, and any other pertinent information. They are very conscientious to our kid’s moods and any special needs they may require. In addition, they have always been prompt and efficient in getting any necessary information to either Nikki or myself concerning their health or safety.

Our daughters have never shown any hesitation in staying at Amazing Beginnings, and we attribute this to the warm and friendly environment they encounter on a daily basis. We highly recommend Amazing Beginnings as a childcare provider for anyone who may be seeking the personal love and attention for their children that is not usually available in a larger daycare setting.
- Marcus and Nikki Brown

I’m so glad Amazing Beginnings opened their school in my community! I initially enrolled my 3 year old twins in a Montessori preschool (they are now 4 ½), which they did well in, but it closed after only a few months. They then attended a traditional preschool for a year. But for my ‘spirited’ children who had not before been in a daycare or other structured environment, it was very difficult and stressful for them to be in a rigid classroom. Now at Amazing Beginnings, they LOVE school and ask me often if they ‘get to’ go to school tomorrow!

The teachers have been wonderful and easy to talk to, understanding and accommodating. They are very positive with the children. The activities are age-appropriate; not expecting more than I believe a preschooler can comfortably follow through on. I love the flexibility the school offers too, with options for 2 or 3 days per week or half days. I didn’t want to enroll my children in a full time school at such a young age, and it is difficult to find part-time options that would allow me to work part time.

Academically, I can be sure that my kids are not bored. In their traditional school, my children already knew nearly all the of their numbers, shapes, colors etc. that the class was studying. Now I know they are challenged and are interested in trying to sound out words to read! One of my 4 year olds who previously did not enjoy coloring, now LOVES drawing and is able to patiently color inside lines of a coloring sheet only 3 months after beginning school here - a change I never expected. We are so pleased with Amazing Beginnings that we are considering keeping our twins in the program through Kindergarten.
- Nancy Pone, Past Parent

When I first brought my daughter to Amazing beginnings she was very shy and was not used to being around other children. Within a couple weeks I noticed a tremendous change, I saw her come out of her shell. It meant a lot to me to see her discover who she was and be comfortable and confident in herself. She had no problems adjusting to kindergarten because of the preparations from Amazing Beginnings. I would highly recommend this school to others because of the results I have seen and how caring the staff is.
- Jennifer R.