Newborn Baby

Safety and nurturing are at the forefront of our Newborn Childcare. Your confidence and comfort are essential. In partnership with parents, our experienced caregivers maintain a healthy, creative environment, where your newborn will receive the excellent care and attention you expect. Together, we design each newborn's experience at Amazing Beginnings Academy to support health and development. Both full-time and part-time infant care are available!

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Caregiver with Newborn Baby

Infant Program Overview
(Children ages 6 weeks to 16 months)

We look forward to working with you to make your child's experience at Amazing Beginnings one that provides nurturing, discovery, growth, and fun! The partnership between home and the center is essential to the success of each infant in the program.

We encourage you to drop in or to call at any time. Your input, suggestions, and ideas help to make this program successful for you and your child!

General Information:

  • Communication is an important part of our program. Each morning at drop off, we ask that you fill out the top part of your child's Daily Report. We will fill out the rest of the report during your child's day so you may have a picture of his or her activities and routines as well as the specifics for that day
  • Each child has a cubby for extra clothes, bottles, etc. as well as storage areas for diapers and wipes.
  • Bottles must be taken home and washed each day.
  • Soiled clothes must be taken home for laundering. Please make sure to replace items of your child's extra clothing as they are used.
  • Please fill out an updated dietary form every two months and inform us of any changes of your child's diet.


We work to follow each child's individual schedule for sleep, bottle feeding, and interaction. Diapers are changed every 2-3 hours or as needed. For infants on solid foods, a morning and afternoon snack will be provided.

Bottle Feeding

Parents are to provide pre-made bottles for those infants that are formula fed and breast milk to school ready to serve in labeled bottles with nipples and tops. We cannot accept breast milk in storage bags or containers. There is an area within the classroom refrigerator for bottle storage.

Do not add solid food into the prepared formula unless specified by your pediatrician (we need written instruction from your doctor).

Heating Milk for your Baby

We only use warm water (under 120˚f) with which to warm the milk. We do not directly heat any milk or infant food in the microwave. Warmed milk will be discarded after one hour. Unused breast milk will be refrigerated and returned daily in the same bottle it arrived in.

Items to bring (Please label everything with first and last name)

  • 2 complete changes of labeled play clothes (in case of spills or diaper accidents)
  • Diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream
  • Pre-made labeled bottles with nipples and tops
  • Blanket, pacifier (if used)
  • A balanced lunch that is prepared or cut into appropriately sized pieces so that it is ready for the child to eat
    (see First Finger Foods For Infants for meal suggestions)

Setting Your Child Up For Success:

Amazing Beginning Policies are designed to foster the safety and well-being of both the group and the individual child. We strive to maintain the continuity of care between the family and center, and we seek to mirror, as much as possible, the preferences and routines that have been established at home. However, there are a few things you can do at home to help prepare your child for the transition to our center.

  • We welcome you and your child to visit the center prior to his or her start date. This "get to know you" time will help your child to become acquainted with his or her new room, classmates, and teachers. Speak to your center Director to schedule a time.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable taking a bottle. If your child is breastfed, regularly feed his or her bottles or expressed breast milk before his or her start date so that they are not adjusting to their new care situation and bottle at the same time.
  • Infants are held for bottle feeding. We do not give them their bottles in their crib or prop their bottles at any time.
  • Prepare your child for the lively sounds and stimulation of the Infant Room. Make noise while they are sleeping or take him to the playgrounds or public settings to experience the sights and noises or people and activity.
  • For infants over 3 or 4 months, encourage as much as possible a regular schedule each day. Establish routines for bedtime, feeding and playtime that the center staff can try to follow to help a foster sense of security.
  • When children are ready to transition from the bottle to “sippy cup” the teacher and parent will decide what is best for the child.
  • Encourage "tummy time". Babies need to spend time playing on their stomachs each day to help development of the neck, back, and stomach muscles.
  • Infants on solid foods should be accustomed to being fed in high chair. We do not allow drinks or food to be carried around the room, only at the table or high chair!
  • Offer singing, rocking, cuddling, or a favorite toy rather than nursing so that our staff can effectively calm or soothe your child when necessary.
  • Above all, feel good about your decision to choose Amazing Beginnings! Your child will experience the highest quality nurturing, affection, stimulation, and care in our program.